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Uniform & Equipment

Northern Education Trust believes that students learn most effectively and achieve their best outcomes when they are comfortable, able to be themselves, and are dressed in such a way that sets an appropriate tone for education.

A consistent academy uniform policy is vital to promote the ethos of the academy and provide a sense of belonging and identity for all students, regardless of their protected characteristics or socio-economic circumstances.

Our uniform policy lays out the measures taken to ensure a consistent, fair and inclusive uniform policy; to implement a uniform that reflects the needs of all students; and a uniform that is affordable and the best value for money for the academy and students’ parents/carers.

Students must wear full academy uniform at all times when they are within the academy or on an academy visit, unless otherwise stated.

A copy of our academy uniform policy and uniform checklist including PE kit requirements can be found in the links below.




We expect that students always bring the following items into the academy:

  • A suitable school bag
  • Need to Know book
  • Planner
  • Books (supplied by the academy)
  • Stationery – Pen, pencil and ruler


Students must wear full academy uniform at all times when they are within the academy or on an academy visit, unless otherwise stated. Our school uniform is worn with pride, and any item (including pin badges) carrying unacceptable slogans, statements or images of a political nature are prohibited.


Day Uniform

Day uniform is supplied by Michael Sehgal and Sons LTD and can be purchased from:

This is the only supplier in which our uniform can be purchased from.


Boys and Girls Year 7-11


  • Plain black shoes that are polishable. Boots, trainers, converse, vans or similar, backless, suede or cloth footwear are not allowed. All footwear must be completely black with no logos, decorative elements or piped areas.
  • A white school shirt (not fitted) with a top button, which should be fastened.
  • Stripped Red House Academy clip on tie (Years 7-10), Magenta tie with NET logo (Year 11)
  • Black NET Red House Academy blazer. Blazers should be worn at all times around the academy; blazers can be removed in lessons at the teachers’ discretion.
  • Black trousers for both boys and girls. Skinny fit trousers are not allowed.



  • Girls can choose to wear the Red House Academy skirt, available to order through Michael Sehgal’s – No other skirt will be permitted.

If you are in any doubt whether items can be worn in the Academy, please get in contact for clarification before purchasing.

Please note: The logo on the blazer has changed to include the NET logo, if you already have a blazer with the Red House Academy logo only this will still be permitted.


PE Kit

PE Kit is supplied by Michael Sehgal and Sons LTD and can be purchased from:



  • Red House Academy PE Top
  • Red House Academy PE shorts OR Red House Academy tracksuit bottoms
  • Red House Academy socks (compulsory only with the purchase of academy shorts)
  • Appropriate trainers



  • Red House Academy ¾ zip top


Further Uniform Guidance:

  • Mobile phones/ smartwatches and other electronic technology must be switched off at the academy gate, kept out of view and remain switched off until students exit the academy gate at the end of the day. If a child is seen with any of the items above in the academy, they will be confiscated, placed in the safe, and will only be returned to a parent/carer.
  • School shoes must be plain black school shoes made of a polishable material. We do not permit high boots or high visibility buckles/bows/coloured laces or tags etc. Please note that trainers or canvas shoes are not acceptable.
  • School trousers should be plain black school trousers. Trousers that are ‘skinny fit’, tight or short length are not permitted.
  • School shirts must be plain white and formal shirts. These must be tucked in at all times.
  • The Academy blazer (purchased only from the approved uniform provider) is to be worn at all times, including in corridors and open spaces/dining halls etc. Please note that sleeves must be rolled down (students can remove blazers in classrooms with teacher permission). The Principal will announce if blazers can be removed and carried in open spaces in the event of hot weather.
  • Students must wear the Academy tie. The top button on the shirt must be fastened and the tie worn appropriately. The tie should cover all shirt buttons. Ties cannot be too short.
  • Hair: Natural colours only and no inappropriate styles (we reserve the right to judge each individual case on merit).
  • Make-up must not be worn
  • Graffiti or writing on hands or arms for any reason is not permitted
  • Hoodies are not allowed on the academy site at all (hoodies or coats are never to be worn under blazers or otherwise at any time). Hoodies will be confiscated. Coats must be removed once inside academy building
  • Jewellery must not be worn. A wrist watch is the only permissible exception (not a smart watch)


Uniform Supplier

Our uniform supplier, Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd, are offering free delivery to the academy (valid up to 20th June 2024). Please see flyer below for further information.

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